Ep. 1 – Hunting Predators with Tim Ballard

The Marisol Nichols Podcast is a thrilling new true crime show that follows the daring, real-life exploits of actress Marisol Nichols. Follow as she operates, off-screen, as a licensed informant and contracted undercover operative, assisting global law enforcement in infiltrating the $150 billion per year human trafficking industry.

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Ep. 5 – Child Predators, Twisted Minds, Pt. 2: with Sheriff Chris Swanson

Child predators are more sophisticated and creative than ever before. In Part 2 of Child Predators, Twisted Minds, Sheriff Christopher Swanson and Marisol Nichols discuss how predators exploit their victims’ vulnerabilities. From the complexities involved in bringing these twisted minds to justice to great tips on how to keep our families safe, this episode has it all.

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