Ep. 7 – Pain into Power: A Survivor’s Tale, Pt. 2


Oree Freeman continues her discussion with Marisol Nichols sharing her story of being sex trafficked as a young girl and how she found redemption along the way. This is an incredible journey that illuminates hope for future generations everywhere.

About Oree Freeman Born in Chowchilla State Prison, Oree Freeman was given up for adoption just after birth. At the age of 11 years old, she became a victim of sex trafficking.

As a survivor and advocate, Oree’s mission is to stand for and fight for all sex trafficking victims. By raising AWARENESS, encouraging HOPE, and helping individuals in discovering RESILIENCE within themselves, she has dedicated her professional life to fighting sex trafficking and working with survivors.

Oree serves as an advocate for Saving Innocence where she helps to change the lives of young people. She is currently serving her second term on the CSEC (Commercially Sexually Exploited Children) State Advisory Board.

Oree has triumphed over some incredibly harsh challenges to becoming an outspoken advocate for women & children. She is currently pursuing her college degree, while offering interactive training for law enforcement personnel and professionals from other child-serving sectors.

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Season 2, Ep. 5 – Seen but Unheard: The Unwanted Film Festival

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One key highlight of the conversation is the discussion around The Unwanted Film Festival. Lianna explains how this unique platform serves to amplify the voices of victims often shrouded in silence, providing them a space to share their stories and experiences. Furthermore, it aims to raise awareness of the growing rate of CSAM found on the internet and the lifelong impact this material has had on survivors. Learn more about the festival here –

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One significant measure taken by META is the default privacy setting for minors’ Instagram accounts, providing a powerful shield against unwanted message requests from potential online traffickers. This is just one example of their comprehensive online safety measures designed to protect young individuals on popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

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