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Marisol Nichols Podcast

The Marisol Nichols Podcast is a thrilling new true crime show that follows the daring, real-life exploits of actress Marisol Nichols. Follow as she operates, off-screen, as a licensed informant and contracted undercover operative, assisting global law enforcement in infiltrating the $150 billion per year human trafficking industry.

Marisol Nichols (RIVERDALE’s Hermione Lodge) has spent years working undercover without her Hollywood pals knowing much about her adventures away from TV & Film production sets.

This no-holds-barred program takes you behind the scenes inside secret operations to break up child sex trafficking rings, explores how she applies her acting talent to establish a mindset before immersing herself in these dangerous situations. Marisol analyzes the latest technologies used by human traffickers to lure their victims, reveals the tactics used by the good guys to fight back, and provides an up-close look at the global battle to preserve innocence.

You’ll hear from Marisol’s Hollywood friends who have joined her in the fight and listen to insights from experts on the front lines to learn about the challenges, solutions, failures, and triumphs she encounters on this emotional journey. Don’t be surprised if you are inspired to #JoinTheFight.


At the #MAKERSconference this year, Marisol Nichols spoke about her advocacy of saving women & children from human trafficking, and in educating and spreading awareness about this most serious issue. Marisol also introduced her podcast, #MarisolNicholsPodcast, a true crime show where she talks about her undercover work to bring child predators to justice.

She catches sex traffickers for a living: How to keep your child safe

Aside from being an actress, Marisol Nichols revealed that she is also an undercover operative in sting operations that target human traffickers. She first became aware of human and sex trafficking in 2012. As a mother of a young daughter, Marisol decided to take action. 

She established Foundation for a Slavery Free World in 2016 to raise awareness and collaborate with organizations such as Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). This year, Marisol launched the Marisol Nichols podcast where she shares behind-the-scenes accounts of her undercover operations and invites experts to talk about ways in combating this global problem and building a future that is safe for children and women.

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