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Season 2, Ep. 10 – Data-Driven Solutions: STOP THE TRAFFIK’s Fight Against Human Trafficking


Join Marisol Nichols with guest Chris Jones from STOP THE TRAFFIK, a UK-based organization fighting human trafficking since 2005. Explore how their exploitation analytics, prevention programs, and data-driven solutions are unraveling the complexities of modern slavery. Discover their incredible partnerships with META, TikTok, IBM, and leading financial institutions as they collectively combat human trafficking globally. 

About Chris Jones

Chris Jones is a highly experienced data-driven and performance marketer with 24.3 years of experience. He has worked with FMCG, mining, tech, and telecom sectors in the United Kingdom and other international markets, where he successfully managed large accounts in highly competitive sectors. Currently, he is the Director of Commercial and Marketing of Stop the Traffik – a London-based company that operates in the Consumer Services and Non-profit Organizations industries.

With a mission to disrupt human trafficking networks, Stop the Traffik is dedicated to generating targeted action and building resilience to protect vulnerable communities. With over 50 employees, their focus is on providing report writing, support, data gathering, and analysis services. Chris’ expertise has been a great asset in helping the organization achieve their objectives.

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