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Season 2, Ep. 5 – Seen but Unheard: The Unwanted Film Festival


Lianna McDonald, Executive Director of Canadian Centre for Child Protection (C3P), explores the tragic event that mobilized the organization’s journey in its fight against child sexual exploitation and victimization. Lianna provides an intimate look into the ongoing efforts to reduce the number of victims and prevent such atrocities from happening in the future. 

One key highlight of the conversation is the discussion around The Unwanted Film Festival. Lianna explains how this unique platform serves to amplify the voices of victims often shrouded in silence, providing them a space to share their stories and experiences. Furthermore, it aims to raise awareness of the growing rate of CSAM found on the internet and the lifelong impact this material has had on survivors. Learn more about the festival here –

About Lianna McDonald

As the Executive Director of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, Lianna McDonald plays a key role in guiding the organization in its journey to become a leading organization in the global sphere in its fight against child victimization.

Some of the key figures she works with are international partners, including survivor organizations, child protection NGOs, and law enforcement agencies. In Canada, she pioneered the establishment of, the national tip line under the Government of Canada’s National Strategy for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation on the Internet.

Her advocacy efforts have contributed greatly to a number of legislative changes for the protection of children, which includes the creation of the criminal code offenses related to online child luring and legislation for the mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse material by internet service providers.

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