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Ep. 15 – No Borders: Mission of The Nazarene Fund


This week we are joined by Lt. Colonel Rudolph (“Rudy”) Atallah, US Air Force (Ret.), who now serves as Chief Operating Officer of The Nazarene Fund, sister-organization of Operation Underground Railroad. At The Nazarene Fund, Rudy oversees operations to liberate persecuted minorities held captive and tortured by lawless militants in war-torn areas around the world. 

We begin this episode with an introduction from Tim Ballard, founder of Operation Underground Railroad, who also serves as the CEO of The Nazarene Fund, with insights about how these two organizations work together to fulfill their missions.

About Lt. Colonel Rudolph Atallah, USAF (Ret.)

During his illustrious military career, Rudy served as Africa Counterterrorism Director (East Africa; Morocco-Tunisia) under the US Secretary of Defense; Special Attaché to the US Embassy (Ivory Coast-West Africa) and the Defense Intelligence Agency; Advisor to two US Secretaries of Defense; Advisor to the US Department of State; and as a pilot flying combat missions throughout the Middle East. Hear about the operations that have evacuated and freed thousands of people from their captors and how this outstanding organization works to rebuild and restore the lives of innocent families.

Rudy currently oversees the evacuation and rescue of persecuted minorities in the Middle East and Africa. Over the past 5 years, he and his team have successfully relocated and supported more than 110,541 people displaced by conflict and rescued countless victims from terrorist-controlled territories.

Rudy is a sought-after speaker and adviser on national security, counterterrorism, counter-piracy and cultural intelligence issues and has been a featured guest on ABC, NBC, PBS, MSNBC, BBC, CNN, NPR, C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, and on the National Geographic Channel, where he discussed his involvement in African counter-piracy and the successful resolution of the 2009 Maersk Alabama incident. He is a Senior fellow with the Atlantic Council and holds a BS in Biomedical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, and a Master of International Relations. He is also a published photographer of landscapes, nature and indigenous people.

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