I believe in passion and compassion.
I believe in second chances.
I believe you make your own luck.
I believe hard work and persistence can accomplish anything.


An actress sits on the edge of a mattress in a $59-a-night, hard-luck motel room, the grimy curtains drawn. Cobwebs cloud the splotchy ceiling, and the room smells of must and old smoke. In the bathroom, the floor tiles peel and lift at the edges, and beige streaks stain the tub and toilet.

Slavery Free World

Slavery might seem like an ancient concept that died down as soon as the Age of Exploration was shut down, but truth is that it persists. Marisol started her own non-profit organization, Slavery Free World, which specifically aims to help eradicate modern-day slavery.
Going Undercover
The star, through her Foundation for a Slavery Free World, has posed as everything from a “drugged-out mom selling her kids on the internet” to a 9-year-old girl talking to a pedophile over the phone.

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